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Stuart Whitman



When all said and done you don’t want another piece of software, you want answers. Sure having more software is cool, but if you don’t get the results your wasting money.

I make answers that get you results.


Clear, compelling and beautiful.

I work with you to discover how you want people to interact with you and how you want to make them feel. I get to know your likes and dislikes and all the stuff in between.

Once I’ve established your desires I work with leading designers to craft and create clean and consistent designs get your message across in a compelling way whilst enhancing your brand identity.


Turning answers into actions.

I use a variety of technologies to get things done, but I remain open to new ideas for creative solutions. The most important thing is to use the right tools for the job and be flexible so that I’m not tied down to a single technology.

I follow industry standards like W3C and ISO while considering technological, legal and logistical resources and requirements.

Based upon your strategy I make all the pieces come together and function as they’re supposed to. Your audience can now interact with you.


I’m a developer and business analyst living in Gateshead, U.K. I’ve worked for clients that range from Plc’s and national companies too many small businesses and startups focusing on developing systems that help them sell more stuff.

Since leaving school at 16 I’ve been heavily involved in print and technology industries. Having worked in production control for several print companies and developed ERP systems for some of the most influential printers in the U.K I now use this expertise to help smaller business compete online.

My style is informed by the fact that I learned by creating real software for real businesses. I am practical in my approach, preferring what is dependable and well-implemented to what is flashy and cool. I am guided by the principles of usability and accessibility: I believe software should work as well as look pretty. I am an advocate for utility and simplicity, however, I believe that every useful thing can also be beautiful. I’m passionate about simplifying the gobbledygook that goes with all this technology stuff and love showing people like you how creative technology can empower your business.

When I’m not working you’ll find me with my wife trying to keep my two daughters Hannah and Laura amused, watching pro-tour cycling or exploring Tyne and Wear and Northumberland on my bicycle whilst trying beat my goals on Strava!


If you have a work enquiry, please include as much information about the scope of your project as possible, including (if applicable), possible schedule, budget, and technical requirements.

Just a quick note before you contact me I charge £57 GBP per hour for my services. I work with clients across Europe, North America and Australia so distance is not usually an obstacle. Infact, quite often I can be working while your sleeping and have tasks completed ready for when you start your day.

Phobia of forms or just want to send a simple email? You can email

Call on 07789 101117

Stuart Whitman
The Studio
7 Killowen St